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Luye Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, the original in the Wugu Dist., New Taipei City to produce industrial paper tube, started with the changing needs of the market, as well as the concept of environmental protection to enhance the transformation of the production of refined commercial paper cans, round gift box. In 2005 the factory relocation, the current factory is located in the scenic Boli Museum on the road, in recent years with the 64 expressway opened, in the northern region of the customer service more convenient and fast. Luye Enterprise Co., Ltd over the years continue to improve, with a variety of complete mold, mature technology, we will be decades of production experience, sincere reach the customer's product requirements to create a win-win profit. Business items include: industrial paper tube (material protection, plastic type, axis core, low humidity paper tube, etc.), paper cans (tea cans, wine cans, rice cans ...), poster tube, graduation certificate tube, Gift boxes, gift boxes, electronic packaging materials and many other products.) Custom-made, and so on, whether it is functional goods or refined goods, Luye Enterprise Co., Ltd, the quality is absolutely your satisfaction!





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